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How to Factory Reset a SmartThings Hub v3

To set up your SmartThings hub from scratch, you'll have to factory reset the device to put it in pairing mode. This tutorial will show you how to factory reset a SmartThings hub v3 so that you can set it up again.

When you factory reset the SmartThings hub you'll lose all devices, automations and scenes connected to it with no way to get them back. Before you can add your devices back to this hub, you may have to reset or exclude them before they can be reconnected.

When you are ready, follow these 5 simple steps on how to factory reset a SmartThings hub.

  1. SmartThings Hub Reset Button Location

    Step 1: Unplug the Hub

    Unplug the power supply from the SmartThings hub and locate the reset button on the back of the device.

  2. Step 2: While Holding Down the Reset Button, Plug in the Power Cable

    With a toothpick or small pin, press and hold down the reset button. While the reset button is being held down, plug in the power cable into the back of the hub.

  3. Step 3: Keep Holding Down the Reset Button Until the Light Flashes Yellow

    Continue holding down the reset button and the SmartThings hub will begin to flash yellow.

  4. Step 4: Release the Button After 30 Seconds

    When the light changes to a solid yellow you can release the reset button. This will take about 30 seconds. If you don't release the reset button within a few seconds of the light turning solid yellow, the hub may not reset.

  5. Step 5: Wait 4-5 Minutes for the Light to Flash Red and Green

    The hub will cycle through different colored lights and will begin to flash red and green within 4-5 minutes. The red and green flashing indicates the hub is in pairing mode and the device is ready to be set up.

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2 comments on “How to Factory Reset a SmartThings Hub v3”

  1. Hi, Im trying this over and over, and the hub isnt resetting. is blinking blue. i moved to another home and i need to reset it but i cant. there is no way i can get the hub to blink red and green. can you help? Samsung is impossible to get help frpom

    Thamk you

  2. I haven't had this problem before, but I searched online and saw that a blinking blue light means there is no lan connection or the hub doesn't have an ip address. It says this is caused due to an internet connection issue. I'm not sure if this will help, but here's some things you can try to see if you can fix the problem. Here's an article you can check out to learn more about what each light color means on the Smartthings hub.

    1.) Restart your modem and or router and make sure your internet is working.
    2.) If you are connecting to your router via an ethernet cable, unplug it from both the router and the Smartthings hub and then reconnect it and try to reset the Smartthings hub again to set it up again.
    3.) Try using a new ethernet cable that connects between your Smartthings hub and your modem/router in case your old one was damaged and not working.
    4.) If you originally set up your Smartthings hub with an ethernet connection and have wifi, try setting it up with wifi instead and see if that works. If you originally set it up with wifi try using an ethernet cable connection instead.
    5.) That article I linked to says your network settings has to have ports 11111,443 and 39500 open and it's worth checking out if none of the above solutions work.

    Not sure if any of these solutions will help, but hopefully one of these steps can fix your issue.

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